The Difference

A Personal Approach

Patient Focused

A care plan that is not dictated by insurance and allows personal customization unique to every patient.  Expect 50 minute treatment sessions one-on-one with a physical therapist versus 30 minutes or less at a typical outpatient PT clinic. We don't stop at the 30 minute window... we stop when the job is done.


Hands on manual therapy is a large part of the rehab process but movement also plays an essential role. Using Pilates and related equipment to facilitate movement correction has shown to produce maximum results. Through PT and Pilates, along with access to other resources, we are here to help you on your path to wellness.

Women's Health

With an extensive background in treating a variety of pelvic health issues, we are able to help those with complex conditions, including: urinary incontinence, urgency/frequency, chronic pelvic pain, Interstitial Cystitis, sexual dysfunction, pre & postpartum care, constipation, tailbone pain, endometriosis, prolapse and undiagnosed groin/hip and low back pain.


Movement heals. Although not every patient may need Pilates, we have found it is a great tool in rehabilitating a large range of conditions and stages of recovery. Combining physical therapy and Pilates has shown to produce lasting results (decreased pain and improved function).


Because I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Lupus, my body can be very tricky to navigate in the PT world. Multiple therapists have caused further pain. Erin was different! She actually listened and seemed to really understand what I was going through. Now, I can sit on my tailbone longer than ever. I’m also able to dance again and am stronger overall with less pain!

After my 1st visit with Erin, I felt a huge improvement in my back pain. The tightness was noticeably better, and I increased my mobility and strengthened the areas of weakness contributing to the tightness and pain. We even addressed areas I didn't know affected my lower back pain, such as tight hips and psoas. My pelvis was crooked and misaligned. The weekly exercises have it back in position where it should be.

Hayley L.

Jenna B.