We believe in creating a community of healing. Below you will find a few resources which may help you on your road to recovery and assist in maintaining your therapy progress.


Marathon Pilates

Maintain your rehab progress and continue to improve your overall body awareness and movement function through private Pilates sessions and reformer group classes.

Center for Pelvic Health 

The CPH is lead by Dr Jarnagin, a urogynecologist specializing in treating complex chronic pelvic pain conditions in women. He offers advanced treatments for bladder and pelvic pain conditions including: amniotic allograft injections for pudendal neuralgia, Monalisa Touch, Axonics Sacral Neuromodulation (SNM) system.

Shen Medicine

Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine practitioner, Dr. Paige Bourassa is founder of Shen Medicine here in Nashville and NY. She created a modern wellness practice which draws on the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the science of Functional Medicine Nutrition to provide you with best in class patient centered care.

Synergetic Myofasical Therapy

Nick Semrick, LMT is a results driven massage therapist in Nashville. His Synergetic Myofasical Therapy is the focus of his practice. This modality is about restoring balance, relieving pain and improving posture.

Bodyworks By bWell

Corrective massage therapy can be a great supplement to physical therapy and help rebalance and create more efficiency with your body's movement. Lisa offers a variety of services, including energy work and pre/postnatal massage.

Assisted Lymphatic Therapy (ALT)

ALT treatment stimulates lymphatic flow which helps to address inflammation and swelling in the body.  It can aid in boosting the immune system and help with pain.