Meet Erin

I am Erin Jarrett, a physical therapist with over a decade of experience, who is passionate about treating complex and chronic pain conditions and movement dysfunctions.  I am also highly skilled in treating pelvic health conditions for both women and men, and I have learned how important a multidisciplinary and holistic approach is to reaching full recovery. 

After sustaining a collegiate soccer injury and subsequently battling with chronic hip pain, I was drawn to learning more and diving deep into issues surrounding the pelvis.  Due to my personal experience of not finding solutions, I have become passionate in addressing conditions with multiple causes and layers. It is often the second or third layer of digging down to find the root cause of the problem.

Through my journey as a therapist (and patient) I have discovered how perfectly Pilates pairs and aids in the rehab process.  The equipment specific to Pilates is able to isolate and target specific muscles while also incorporating them into proper movement patterns for improved strength, flexibility, balance, function and overall quality of life.  Whether you are interested in physical therapy, Pilates or both I am eager to help assist you on your wellness journey.  I look forward to meeting you!  Please contact me if you have any questions.





University of TN - Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Herman & Wallace Institute - Pelvic Health Specialist 

Polestar - Certified Pilates Practitioner