Therapy Services

A Personal Approach

At Root Physical Therapy & Pilates, we take a holistic approach to treatment and provide one-on-one care. Through a range of treatments and preventative approaches which are tailored to each individual patient, we will work together to meet your goals. Treatment focuses on mobilization of joints and soft tissue paired with exercises and movement correction for lasting results. 

Not only does Dr. Erin Jarrett treat basic orthopedic conditions,
she is also highly skilled and educated in treating other specialized areas listed below:


Chronic Pain & Movement Dysfunctions

Root Physical Therapy & Pilates wants to hear your story.  A detailed history will be taken and an individualized treatment plan, including Assessment and Diagnosis, will be created from the functional goals we set together.  With a combination of hands-on therapy and exercises specific to correcting the discovered asymmetries and movement dysfunctions, we will address the issue while improving function. The ultimate goal is getting to the root of the dysfunction.

Pelvic Floor Rehab (Men/Women)

Pelvic floor dysfunction not only affects bladder, bowel and sexual function, but can also be the cause of more global and complex issues in men and women. Some of the most common conditions that I treat include: chronic pelvic pain, tailbone pain, urinary urgency/frequency, urinary & fecal incontinence, voiding dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, decreased libido, pain with intercourse, prolapse, constipation, vestibulitis/vulvodynia, interstitial cystitis (IC), and endometriosis.

Pre/Postpartum Conditions

Childbirth is a beautiful event, which is also a trauma to the body. Changes to posture and the body itself can put stress on joints and the surrounding soft tissue causing pain, urinary leakage, and other issues. Addressing symptoms as soon as possible makes them easier to treat and can avoid compounding issues later. Some of the most common conditions we treat include: SI pain, rib pain, pubic symphysis separation/pain, low back pain, sciatica, pain with intercourse, urinary leakage, and scarring from cesarean or vaginal delivery.




New Client Evaluation

50 mins to include:

  • thorough history taking

  • assessment of posture, range of motion, joint and soft tissue mobility, functional movement  

  • development of treatment plan & home exercises


Follow-Up Visit

50 mins may include any or all of the following:

  • education

  • movement/Pilates

  • hands on treatment

  • review or progression of home exercise program

  • other modalities (taping, cupping, dry needling, etc.) 


Extended Follow-Up Visit

Good option for those needing more time due to complexity of issue or to account for less frequent visits.


Dry Needling (Add On)

All clients receive personalized treatment plans. If dry needling is part of your recommended treatment, there will be an added cost. Not a solo service.