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Jenna B.

I began working with Erin after a post childbirth spinal surgery. While the operation alleviated the nerve damage, the residual pain and tightness were significantly impacting my active lifestyle.  After my first session with Erin, I felt a huge improvement in my back pain. The tightness was noticeably better, and I started daily “exercises” to also increase my mobility and strengthen the areas of weakness contributing to the tightness and pain. We even addressed areas I didn't know affected my lower back pain, such as tight hips and psoas that had overcompensated for my posture pre and post surgery. Most significantly, my pelvis was crooked and misaligned. The weekly exercises have it back in position where it should be. Three months later, my back pain is almost gone. It only creeps in if I don’t stretch for a few days. My only regret is not working with Erin sooner!