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Questioning if we can help you or if you need PT? The in-person evaluation is the best way to be certain. While you may have some questions you want answered prior to taking the PT plunge, please read through our services and information provided on the website.

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We have pulled together some helpful info about Dr. Erin Jarrett, her areas of service & expertise, and more about what the evaluation process looks like at Root Physical Therapy & Pilates.

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This is a great place to start if you are considering Root PT & Pilates for your physical therapy needs. We have answered clients' most commonly asked questions here.


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Once you schedule your new client evaluation appointment through Jane, you will receive a confirmation email and forms to fill out online. All new clients are required to fill out forms prior to 48 hrs from their first visit. This allows us to learn about your symptoms/condition/issues prior to meeting. Then, we will have more time for the eval and a better idea of possible treatment plans, which sets us up for success on Day 1.


I started seeing Erin halfway through my pregnancy. I wanted to ensure I stayed aligned and in the best shape possible for labor and delivery. I cannot stress enough how important her care has been throughout my pregnancy and postpartum journey, I couldn't have felt this good or been this ready without her!

Dr. Paige Bourassa

My body was recovering a back injury. I was weak and really sore. I wasn’t confident I could ever do Pilates. Since working with Erin, I have gained strength and body awareness. It has eliminated much of the pain and given me confidence. Also, I bought a reformer and went from doing it never to 4-5 times a week!

Heather B.